Custom Carbon Fiber Bikes

Handmade CX Gravel Road Mountain frames

Custom Carbon Fiber Bikes

Appleman Bicycles is a one-man shop that builds custom carbon fiber bikes.

Raw, clean, thoughtful design is paired with advanced composites engineering for a delicious ride.

Engineered:  A custom tube set is designed and finely tuned for each rider resulting in a deliciously comfortable and lively ride. 

Unique: Aside from an amazing ride, every Appleman has a unique aesthetic.  The raw, minimal look is refreshing in a day of overstated bold logos.

One Man Shop: The guy who answers the phone is the same guy who builds your frame.  The end result is an amazing bike with no surprises during the process.

CX Magazine Editors Choice Award for Appleman

“…My first impressions were correct,  you have built me the best fitting bike I have ever had a chance to ride in my 45 years of cycling and it’s exactly what I wanted…”

Philip, Singapore

Latest Builds


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