Another Appleman for Rob: 29′r

Another Appleman for Rob: 29′r
Appleman custom carbon mountain frame

I’ve never met Rob.  In fact, I’ve never even talked to him, yet he’s ordered 3 bikes.  His super stiff mango road bike, the 29′r mountain bike below, and a gravel bike in the queue.  Having owned more than a few custom bikes, Rob knows what he wants out of a frame.  He recognized that the engineering, design, and versatility that goes into an Appleman is superior to his Parlee, Moots, Baum, and Lynskey.

Rob is a big, strong sprinter.  I developed the stiffest and strongest Appleman tube set for each of his frames.  Rob always has well thought out wants and needs for his bikes.  The new mountain bike features clearance for a 2.4″ tire AND a 38t chainring for his XX1 setup.  Thanks to the custom made chain stays, we can squeeze in this request.  Rob loved the look of the chain stays and requested the serial number be prominently on the side of the chain stay.  Beyond the no-nonsense engineering of this frame, the stunning titanium logos are incredible!

My favorite detail of the bike is the dropouts.  I’ve been making carbon fiber dropouts since day 1 of Appleman Bicycles, but never for a 142×12 thru-axle!  One of my favorite parts of the bike is the “apple” reinforcement on the non-drive side dropout!


Rob's 2nd Appleman, a custom carbon mountain bike

Appleman titanium logo

Appleman carbon dropout with fancy apple reinforcement

Appleman custom touch serial #



Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!

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  1. Rob. 5 months ago

    In Appleman I trust…

    The frame looks awesome Matt. Thanks for all your help and endless flexibility with the design of the frame it is greatly appreciated. I’ll add here that Matt’s attitude towards bicycle design truly distinguishes a custom frame from a “deep” custom frame. Matt builds the latter and goes way beyond small tweaks to geometry or custom paint finishes to produce a TRULY custom product.

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