Appleman Sponsors Eric Thompson for CX

Appleman Sponsors Eric Thompson for CX

I’m happy to announce that Appleman Bicycles is sponsoring pro/elite cyclocross racer, Eric Thompson!  Eric and I met through the Youth Cycling League in our early teens.  Since then, I’ve been tuning carbon fiber bikes and Eric has been tuning his CX speed.  We’ve combined talents to place a super stiff and agile cyclocross frame under a rider who can lay the power down.

Eric Thompson Custom Appleman CX

Eric is an incredibly strong rider who favors the dirt.  After dominating the North Carolina State CX championships and many collegiate races with Lees McRae College, he moved back to Minnesota and has been a perennial top 20 finisher at CX Nationals and USGP races.  Locally, Eric is commonly on the podium at CX races and even won the Almanzo 100 gravel race this year.  Eric is the graphic designer at HED wheels and designed the logos for the frame himself!

Eric Thompson powering on his Appleman Carbon bike

Eric rode his Appleman to a 17th and 19th place finish last weekend in the Trek CXC Cup Pro/Elite field!  Despite a crash and flat front tire, he placed strongly in his first UCI race of the year.

Appleman Custom Cyclocross Carbon BikeEric’s frame is built up with a Dura Ace Di2 drivetrain,  Minnesota made HED Stinger 3 wheels, TRP Spyre disc brakes and Challenge tires.  The frame was built with our stiffest tubing yet to provide the responsiveness required for high wattage efforts and provide a “go where you point it” handling geometry.  Since Erik is a pro decal maker and designer, we worked together to make fresh new decals.  For the first time, an Appleman has a top tube decal that reads “custom CX”, and extra large down tube decal and hot new headbadge!

Eric Thompson hops the barriers on his Appleman Custom CX bike


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