AppleStem Bar

AppleStem Bar

The AppleStem handlebar uses carbon fiber to integrate a handlebar & stem into one structure. These bars share the same tube joining technology as our custom frames to yield the ultimate handlebar. AppleStem integrated combo’s are lighter, stronger, stiffer, safer, and more elegant than traditional clamped setups. Any carbon road, mountain, track, or aero handlebar can be integrated!

Integrated carbon handle bar with wood logos and custom Garmin mount

Light | Strong | Stiff: Weight is reduced by removing the stem’s faceplate and bolts. Weight reductions of 10-25 grams are common. The handlebar is attached by a smooth tapered carbon fiber layup that is strong and stiff. The carbon fiber direction an number of layers is optimized for lightweight strength.

Safe: In an AppleStem Bar, there are no bolts to over tighten and no stress risers from the sharp edges of the faceplate. Over tightened bolts can cause cracking in the handlebar and lead to catastrophic failure. No bar slip, no bar rotation! It is permanently attached to the stem!

Elegant: The smooth, uninterrupted curves of the handlebar-stem offers eye pleasing satisfaction. Custom finishes are available to match your bike (whether it be an Appleman or any other brand).


AppleStem Handlebar – Contact me for pricing



  • Stem: Enve Composites full carbon fiber stem is standard, (other stems available)
  • Handlebar: Your choice of any model carbon fiber handlebar (any style: road, mountain, track, or aero bars)
  • Smooth Tapered Carbon Fiber Layup can be made to match most frames
  • Nude Carbon finish, included
  • Carbon Fiber Appleman Logo, included



  • High Gloss Clear coat, $50
  • Integrated Garmin mount, $100
  • Custom Colored Appleman Logo: colors or outlines available
  • Custom Carbon Fiber designs (DNA, Flag, Spider Web, stripes, etc…), by quote


 *Appleman Bicycles only builds with brand new components.  Customer furnished parts are not accepted.


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