Baker Orchard CX Report

Baker Orchard CX Report

Mud. Appleman. CX.

It was a great day (cool and rainy) for cyclocross racing!  It rained three days leading up to the race making for slippery conditions.

Elite 1/2 racer Eric Thompson won (dominated) his race!  I also raced and had a blast in the muddy conditions.

Appleman at Baker CrossEric Thompson (right) after winning his race and myself (left) before my race.  Two Appleman bikes at the apple orchard!  So many apples, so many Appleman.


Eric’s Race Recap:

Hello Everyone!

The weekend race went well at Baker Orchard CX. It was a cool day and the sky finally opened up to give us some mud! Baker Orchard held real cyclocross conditions, and to go along with that, the apples and pies were outstanding. It was tough not to call it a day upon arrival and just enjoy spectating the races with apple related treats in hand;)

Eric Thompson navigates the mud on his Appleman

 The course was rather relentless on Saturday, not featuring any descents or technical sections that were tough enough to allow people to rest. In fact, it seemed like wherever I wanted to rest, there was a course obstacle that made me push harder. I went hard from the gun and separated myself from the rest of the pack on the first lap, and kept pushing until the end of the race. I’m glad that I was able to get in some great practice in the mud, slip around a bit on some of the corners, and pick up another win for the Mt. Borah Epic Team/Appleman Bicycles!

 Eric Thompson atop Baker Orchard CX podium

Eric Thompson won the race on his Appleman and carbon fiber repair customers took 4th and 5th.

Next stop is Mt. Borah Epic Team’s Theodore Wirth Park CX race on Sunday (10,13). Looking forward to the jagged hillside step run up and the fast fun descents! 

Thanks again for the support!

-Eric Thompson


Matt Appleman at Baker Orchard CXRemounting in the mud after a log staircase.


Eric Thompson RemountEric remounts smoothly showing us how it’s done!




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