Strength and durability are at the heart of every Appleman and every Appleman is built on the “Carbon Everything Design” platform.

The Carbon Everything Design sets Appleman Bicycles away from our competitors.

Appleman Bicycles takes no shortcuts when it comes to frame design and construction.  This new design shies away from generic aluminum frame parts and replaces them with custom carbon fiber frame parts made in-house at the Appleman Bicycles workshop!

Aside from an increase in strength and durability, carbon frame parts also reduce weight.  Our experience has shown that carbon fiber is best bonded to itself (not aluminum) to create an amazingly strong, unified, carbon fiber structure.  The Carbon Everything Design consists of the following frame parts:

Custom Tubing


  • Every frame gets custom, carbon fiber tubing
  • Each tube is engineered to provide the desired ride quality for the rider
  • Custom diameters, layups, and thicknesses all affect the ride quality of the frame
  • Appleman Bicycles engineers tubes for a very broad spectrum of riders, whether you’re a century rider, 250 pound sprinter, or pro cyclocross racer, I build the bike to fit and ride amazing


Appleman Carbon Tubes



  • Custom molded dropouts are made entirely out of carbon fiber and are stronger than aluminum
  • The carbon fiber dropouts are molded directly onto the to the seat and chainstays with a carbon fiber laminate. Aluminum dropouts rely only on an epoxy bond
  • Dropouts use a widely available, replaceable derailleur hanger made by Paragon Machineworks
  • Worried about your rear wheel crushing the carbon fiber dropout? We broke our vice testing the crush strength test of the dropouts. You’ll break the quick release skewer before you damage the dropout!


Appleman Carbon Fiber Dropouts




No Nonsense Internal Cable Routing


  • Composite tubes guide full-length housing from one end to the other. No fishing for cables, no screw on plates or bolts, no removing components to access/replace cables
  • Internal guide tube is molded into the frame with a carbon-epoxy laminate for ultimate strength and durability.


Appleman Internal Routing

PressFit BB30 Bottom Bracket Shell


  • The bottom bracket shell is made out of carbon fiber and the bearings press directly into the shell
  • The carbon shell bonds directly to the carbon layup for maximum strength and durability
  • Lack of a metallic shell insert means no delamination and no corrosion


44mm Carbon Fiber Head Tube


  • The headset presses directly into the frame
  • No metal insert to delaminate
  • 44mm headsets are fully replaceable (the cups/races on integrated headsets can not be replaced without getting a new frame)
  • Accepts straight or tapered forks



Brake Bridge


  • For Road: Appleman Signature asymmetrical brake bridges are just plain beautiful and asymmetry adds to braking rigidity
  • For CX and Mountain: Chevron style carbon seat stay bridges provide support for the seat stays and the shape is inspired by the iconic Grifo CX tire tread
  • Both bridges are made of carbon fiber.  The carbon likes to bond to itself better than an aluminum/metal insert… are you seeing a trend for carbon/carbon laminates?



Appleman Asymmetrical Brake Bridge

Appleman Cyclocross seat stay bridge




  • A wide variety of logos are available.  From decals to carbon fiber to titanium, we make unique logos to suite your preference
  • Custom colors, weaves and materials are available


Appleman CX Frame with Kevlar Logos


This carbon-centric design results in a frame that is 99.8% carbon fiber composite! The only metal parts are the aluminum replaceable derailleur hanger and steel water bottle mounts.

Strength and durability without compromise.