Custom Carbon Fiber Tubes

The wonderful ride quality and feel of an Appleman comes from the tubes!  Custom carbon fiber tubing is at the heart of every Appleman.  Every tube is custom for each bike and each rider.  Tubing is made in the USA.

Taking into account the type of frame, riding style, rider weight, and desired feel, a custom tube set is built around the rider.   I customize the tubing by using different diameters and the layup (angle of fibers and number of layers).  For cyclocross and mountain bike tubing, I modify the layup to make the tubes more impact resistant and increase toughness.

This heavy level of customization offers a truly unique riding frame that only an Appleman can offer.  Unlike most other custom carbon companies, the Appleman tube to tube joining process is very flexible and allows for any tube size to be used without additional costs of custom molds.


Appleman Carbon Tubes


The diameters/layups of the tubing can be very different for different riders.  As you can see in the picture above, I use a very wide range of tubing sizes to dial in stiffness and comfort.  Stiffer tubes are on the left and smaller, more flexible tubes are on the right. With this large tubing diversity, I am able to build frames to suit 250 pound sprinters all the way down to lightweight riders looking for comfort as a priority.  I can’t stress this enough: no matter what your build, strength, or desire is, I can build you a bike that fits, feels good, and looks good too.

Appleman Carbon Tubes Closeup


Unlike mass-produced frames which must be overbuilt to suit riders big and small, Appleman frames are built around you without excess material.  I take no shortcuts to build you the best bike you’ve ever had!