Big Bad Bike Baking Oven

Big Bad Bike Baking Oven

Ever wonder how bikes are baked in an oven?  I use a Big Bad Bike Baking Oven to accomplish the job!  The new oven is large enough to fit any frame in and provides extremely consistant temperatures within the chamber.


The oven is used to cure (harden) the carbon fiber/epoxy laminates that is applied to the joints. All frames are built with a carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg that cures between 200-300*F. Controlling the temperature, ramp rate, and dwell times  is important to building a high quality, low void laminate structure. In addition to being a heat cured system, the carbon fibers laminates are vacuum bagged. Air is removed from the laminate in the early stages of the temperature ramp up. Air must be evacuated prior to cure!


I also bake repairs in the oven, but at much lower temperatures.  For repairs I used a room temperature curing epoxy which hardens at low temperatures.


Here’s our Big Bad Bike Baking Oven

Big Bad Bike Baking Oven!
Appleman Bicycles’ oven can really heat things up!


Appleman bakes carbon fiber bike
Frame baking in the oven to harden the epoxy.



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