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Road bikes are customized to match your body proportions, weight, and riding style. An excellent ride quality, strength, and durability are priorities when designing each frame. Bikes are built to be ridden and built to last. The “feel” of the ride is customized for each bike using custom tubing. Road bikes can be tailored for a stiff sprinters platform, a lightweight frame for a mountain goat, or a comfortable go-fast frame for group rides and centuries.

“The ride quality is brilliant. None of the frames I’ve ever used can match the Appleman… It’s like you were reading my mind when you were building this frame. To conclude, it is the most amazing frame I have ever ridden. I’ve changed my attitude towards custom frames. I would never believe how the simple looking bike with all round tubes without any deceiving designs can ride this great. Thank you very much for building me such a great frame.”

-Neo, Thailand

Standard Features

  • Enve 2.0 Fork (straight or tapered)
  • Custom Layup and Geometry
  • Nude Finish
  • Carbon, Titanium, or Wood logos
  • Internal Cable Routing


  •  Enve 1.0, $200
  • Disc Brakes, no charge
  • Di2/EPS ready, no charge
  • Carbon fiber aesthetic design, quote
  • AppleStem Handlebar

 Base price for road frame and Enve 2.0 fork is $5400.

Complete bicycles are a great compliment to a custom frame.
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