NAHBS 2013 Preview

NAHBS 2013 Preview

NAHBS is here, the bikes are done, and on their way!

On top: Mark’s custom road bike equipped with Super Record EPS, HED Stinger wheels, and Enve 1.0 fork. This bike came in at a svelte 13.5 pounds. The logos on the frame and AppleStem handlebar are green on one side of the bike and red on the other. Mark is an Appleman Bicycles Dealer and owns Brones Bike Shop in Fountain City, Wi. The shop colors are red and green paying homage to Italian heritage.


On Bottom: The “Lumberjack Bike”. The logos are made of actual plaid fabric with oak wood logos! This carbon 29er mountain bike has clearance for up to 3 inch tires thanks to our custom chainstay yoke. Three inch tires are the maximum width possible and still utilize a 73mm bottom bracket width. The bike is equipped with a Sram XX1 drivetrain, Brake Force One hydraulic brakes, Kettle Cycles SiCCC carbon fiber disc rotors, and Ritchey fork/cockpit. While the tires and wheels aren’t the lightest ever, they will certainly make a for a FUN ride. Massive amounts of traction and 3 inches of air sprung passive suspension on a rigid platform will bring a smile to anyones face. Want to race? Throw on some lightweight XC wheels and drop the bike down to 18 pounds!

Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!


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