Girl Bike Love Interview

Girl Bike Love Interview


Girl Bike Love conducted a fun interview touching the history, reasoning, and purpose behind Appleman Bicycles. Read the entire interview.


Here’s a small exerpt…

This week we are brining you a very special interview with Matt Appleman, owner, founder and builder at Appleman Bicycles in Minneapolis, MN. We are very excited to see his new bikes at NAHBS!


Matt, I like to start out builder interviews by asking what your first memory on a bike is?


It all started after seeing the 1996 Olympic mountain bike course in a newspaper. That day, keep in mind I was still in elementary school, I started riding on the grass next to the bike path on a 20″ wheel bike. I thought I was hardcore mountain biking!

…full interview

Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!


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