Carbon Repair is a Big Relief

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Damaging a carbon frame is a major bummer!  Many people are unaware that repairing carbon fiber is even an option.  Repair is a great option that is often cheaper than a new frame and is stronger than the before.  Carbon fiber is one of the most repairable materials!

Andrew at the Spoke-n-Sport bike shop in Sioux Falls, SD sent in a frame for repair.   The bike accidentally tipped over and hit a propane tank for a grill.  Andrew educated the customer about Appleman Bicycles repair service and that frames can be repaired for less expense than a new frame.  Thanks Andrew!


She was really distraught about the whole situation and was actually unaware of the repair possibilities. When I told her about your company she was definitely relieved [...]. So, as I’m sure you have heard many times before, your work is making folks very happy.

- Andrew, Spoke-n-Sport, Sioux Falls, SD


Giant Top Tube Damage Repair



02 Jul 2013 1 comment
  • Christopher T. Smith September 23, 2013 at 6:04 pm /

    Matt fixed my frame after some YOLO-moron t-boned me on the bike path. The chainstay was cracked in half and Matt fixed it up good as new. Thanks Matt! – cts

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