Chris King… in mango!

Chris King… in mango!

I just received some great looking parts from Chris King.  A tapered headset and their new PF30 bottom bracket.  Mango is such a beautiful color and will look great pressed into Rob’s upcoming road disc frame!


Chris King Appleman

Beautiful Mango headset and PF30 BB

Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!


  1. Rob 11 months ago

    NICE!! Cannot wait to see this bike when it is finished – stealth with a flash of colour (sorry state-siders read color). I think Mango hubs would probably have been overkill…glad we are going with black!

  2. Gunnar Berg 11 months ago

    One man’s mango is another man’s orange. ;-)

  3. Author
    Appleman Bicycles 11 months ago

    One man’s mango is another man’s Appleman!

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