Eric and his Cross Bike Win Criterium (updated)

Eric and his Cross Bike Win Criterium (updated)

Photo: Eric Thompson

Appleman pilot Eric Thompson started off his 2014 road season with a win at the Tuesday Night World’s Criterium!

As you may remember, Eric raced his Appleman last CX season nationally (many top 20 finishes) and locally (sweeping every MN race).  He swapped out the knobby mud tires for 28mm slicks and headed out on the road!

Here’s what Eric had to say about it:

I think you’ll be happy to hear that the Appleman took its first win of 2014 last night at TNW!  The bike preformed SO WELL, and with the road tubies on it I can’t believe how stiff the bike is!  It felt so good!  Total confidence in no loss of power and the thing totally shredded the corners!  All good things!

-Eric Thompson 

This is true testament of the versatility of a CX bike!  Eric only had to swap out a longer/lower stem and tires to transform his CX race machine to a road racer’s delight.  Remember folks, you can always put smaller tires on your ‘cross bike, but you can’t put larger tires on your road bike!


Skinny Ski Captures Eric's Disc Road bike at the TNW crit

Above: Eric and his Appleman Disc CX bike enroute to a win at the TNW Crits!  Photo: SkinnySki, more photos available here.


Update!  Eric won the 4/22/2014 TNW Crit as well!  Keep it up Eric!




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