CX and Gravel Bike Versatility

CX and Gravel Bike Versatility

Appleman Bicycles has been testing it’s new cyclocross/gravel road disc bike on the trail! While our “CX” bike can certainly be raced hard, it’s also a versatile bike that can do all types of road and trail riding. Having clearance for large tires means that you can not only race cross, but also explore roads and trails your road bike would never take you.

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I’m a big advocate of one bike that can do it all and do it comfortably. Tires are “nature’s” shock absorber for bikes. A larger tire offers more cushion, vibration dampening, and overall comfort than road racing tires. Larger diameter (28mm +) tires are the perfect choice for all types of riding except pure road racing (It’s hard to get faster than a 23mm tire). One could train on 32mm tires and swap them for 23mm tires for a road race! You can always put smaller tires on CX frame, but you can’t put large tires on a road frame.

Our “off the road” bikes can take you to the gravel, the mud, crushed limestone path, or just bumpy pavement. This bike can do it all and will be the most comfortable bike in your stable.

Ride. Explore. Get Muddy. Feel like a little kid!



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