First Class Dropouts: Framebuilding Podcast

First Class Dropouts: Framebuilding Podcast

First Class Dropouts is a podcast/talkshow about bikes from the view of framebuilders.   The first episode talks about our experiences at NAHBS.  Keep an ear out for the Jens Voigt soundboard.

First Class Dropouts: A Framebuilder’s Talkshow is the brainchild of Erik Noren of Peacock Groove.  Erik invited Vincent Dominguez (Vincent Dominguez Cycles) and myself to help host the show!  We’d like to grow the show to interview many different framebuilders and bike nuts alike.


Listen to our first episode: [audio ]



[unordered_list style=’square’]

  • 0:00 First Class Dropouts introduction
  • 0:26 Matt Appleman/Appleman Bicycles intro
  • 1:47 Vincent Dominguez/Vincent Dominguez intro
  • 2:30 Erik Noren/Peacock Groove intro
  • 4:00 NAHBS talk
  • 13:00 Buh Bye…



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