Appleman Fit Form

Thanks for choosing Appleman! Completion of this form along with a minimum $1000 deposit will start your custom build process!   This form will provide Appleman Bicycles with the information needed to design your frame. Please fill this out as completely as possible and keep in mind, you can’t type too much. If possible, I like to talk about these results over the phone. If you need help, clarification, or have any questions about this form… please ask… it’s my job to answer your questions!   Things you’ll need to complete this form: tape measure, an assistant to help take measurements, plumb bob (or weighted string), your current bike, a big smile. This form has four parts.  Make sure you click the “Submit” button after completing each part.

Part 1: Riding Style

Part 2: Body Measurements

Part 3: Bike Measurements

Part 4: Options for your Appleman