Rob’s Mountain Bike Part 2

Aussie Rob loved his Appleman Road and Appleman Mountain bikes so much he ordered a second mountain bike to allow for rigid and suspended front ends for 6, 12, and 24 hour racing. Shown at NAHBS 2014, this bike features a PROTOTYPE Enve rigid mountain...

Rick’s Road Bike

Rick wanted a super comfortable rocket.  Rick allowed me total freedom with the design as long as it was simple.  Since Rick is a vintage car aficionado, I used stainless steel for the logos and integrated my apple logo into an Alfa-Romeo grill for the...

Joe's custom carbon fiber gravel race bike
Joe’s Gravel Racer

Joe wanted a bike that would get him through tough gravel races like the Dirty Kanza 200 and Trans Iowa: something light, durable, and simple.  Custom geometry for all day comfort on gravel and to be at home in a muddy CX race, this bike...

Koen's Custom Appleman: The American Dream
Koen’s American Dream Bike

Originally from Belgium, Koen is living in the USA and wanted a bike that was truly American made!  A stealthy Appleman offered the level of customization he required.    Built with Appleman custom tubing, this frame was fine tuned for a stiffer front end while...

Rob's 2nd Appleman, a custom carbon mountain bike
Rob’s Mountain Bike

Aussie Rob loved the ride of his Appleman road bike so much, he ordered a 29′r mountain bike! Rob needed a stiff mountain bike that could keep up with his power.  Appleman Bicycles developed new dropouts to accept 142x12mm rear axle and a host of other...

Eric Thompson Appleman Custom CX Bike
Eric’s CX Race Machine

Appleman Bicycles is proud support elite racer Eric Thompson in his quest for UCI points at national level CX races!  Designed and built to withstand Eric’s massive amount of power, handling and stiffness are priorities.  A stiff front end allows the bike to turn on...

Rob’s Stiff Disc Road Bike

Rob had three requests: Make it stiff, make it mango, and make it disc. Being a strong, Australian sprinter, Rob needed stiff tubes.  I designed an entirely new tube set to maximize stiffness.  The tubes are extra (extra) oversized! -Stiff frame + 1.5″ tapered Enve...

Clifford’s CX Racer

This disc CX bike is built for Clifford at CX Magazine.  Read the full review here!   It’s a full on race machine with custom geometry for reduced toe overlap and quick handling.  Built up with the latest Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 parts + HED...

“Lumberjack” Mountain Bike

Appleman pulled out all of the stops for their first mountain bike.  The bike is built around the 29+ platform (3 inch tires on a 700C rim). The bike  is known as the “Lumberjack” bike because of it’s infused plaid fabric and oak logos. This...

The “DNA Bike”

The DNA bike is a masterpiece of excruciating detail.  Carbon overlay wraps the tubes in a double helix at the same angles and proportion as human DNA!  This was the first bike utilizing Appleman’s Carbon Everything Design.