Happy Customer: Thai Bike

Happy Customer: Thai Bike

Customer feedback from Thailand:


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“Hi Matt, I picked up the frame on Saturday and got it assembled. I love the look of the frame. By the way, I had a 150 KMs (approx. 100 miles) ride on Sunday. The terrain is hilly and some sections of the road are under construction, which means a rough road surface or even gravel. Here is the most important part. The ride quality is brilliant. None of the frames I’ve ever used can match the Appleman. It fits like gloves, need no time to adjust, and the ride characteristic is exactly what I’d like it to be. It’s like you were reading my mind when you were building this frame. It is very stiff in the front end, although the rear end is very supple but not flexy. It glides on the rough road and gravel smoothly as if it were designed for the Roubiax. It is not a super light frame (1050 grams with a hanger on my scale), but it excels on the climbs without any compromise (the longest climb of the day was about 12 KMs). To conclude, it is the most amazing frame I have ever ridden. I’ve changed my attitude towards custom frames. I would never believe how the simple looking bike with all round tubes without any deceiving designs can ride this great. Thank you very much for building me such a great frame.”





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