Koen’s Road Build

Koen’s Road Build

Koen moved to the USA from Europe and wanted a custom, American-made frame!  His “American Dream” road bike will be classy and subtle with a stealth carbon fiber logo and color-reduced components.  There will be a few personal touches as the frame is finished.  In the meantime, here is a few pictures of the build process:

A custom set of tubes was designed to match Koen’s riding style.  A stiff, responsive front end is paired with a more compliant rear end to accommodate an old back injury.

View the complete bike gallery here.

Custom carbon fiber tube set made in the USA

Jig Setup:  Based on the Bike Cad drawing, the Anvil Journeyman frame jig is setup up for custom geometry.

Frame jig setup


Mitered Tubes

Mitered tubes of custom carbon frame


Tubing Fit Test

Fitting mitered tubes: head tube cluster


And finally, the tubes are glued together in the jig with a high strength epoxy.  The joints have a nice smooth epoxy fillet to provide high-strength, crimp-free path for the carbon fiber to pass over.

Epoxy fillets on head tube of Koen's custom carbon Appleman Bicycle


Epoxy fillets hold the custom carbon frame in place


Next, carbon fiber will be applied to the joints and reinforcement areas.

See the complete bike here.



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