New Frame Fixture!

New Frame Fixture!

What’s black, aluminum, and has orange handles all over? I just recieved a new Anvil Bikeworks frame fixture! The new Journeyman 3.1 fixture has a lot of great new features that aid in setting up the geometry of the bike and providing precise alignment. I chose the Anvil because it allows easy access to the front and back sides of the tubes, easy to set up with marked angles and rulers, customizable to any size frame, optional tandem attachment, and overall fuctionality. The frame fixture is used during the mitering and gluing process to keep all the tubes aligned with the centerline of the bike.


Special thanks to Erik Noren of Peacock Groove for fabricating the fixture stand! The custom stand is built to accomodate my height and has locking casters so I can move the fixture through the shop with ease. Thanks Erik!



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