New Minnesota Made Tubeset

New Minnesota Made Tubeset

I continuously work hard to make every Appleman better and better. They are already pretty darn good… but perfection is a never ending goal. The latest and greatest improvement is new tubing!

Not only are these tubes designed in Minnesota (by yours truly), but they are fabricated in Minnesota as well! This new era of tubing will allow for a whole new level of customization for each rider… DEEP CUSTOM. Deep custom allows for custom tubing as custom as the rest of the bike!

I’ve completed hundreds of composite repairs on bikes. Along the way… I’ve seen very strong trends as to where carbon fiber frames are damaged.

This knowledge has been put to good use in a new era of tubing design. I’ve modified the layups of the tubeset to reduce weight and make for a more damage tolerant frame. Like all Appleman frames, the bikes with the new tubing will have an amazing ride quality.


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