No Paint Repairs

No Paint Repairs

If your carbon frame gets damaged, then Appleman repair is a great option!  In the day and age of bikes with flashy paint jobs and 15 logos scattered throughout, many customers are electing to get their frame repaired without paint.

There are a lot of advantages of not painting a repair:

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  • Paint can be expensive.  Paint can cost $50-200 depending on what needs to be repainted
  • Many customers take no paint repairs as a “battle scar” and focus on riding bikes instead of looking at them.
  • Paint does not add to the strength or durability of the repair.
  • Quicker turnaround time.
  • Paint is highly toxic.  No paint keeps painters and the environment healthier.


Seat Stay Fuji carbon repair by Appleman Bicycles

Seat stay crack in this matte Fuji is repaired.  Some of the logos were removed so partial logos were not visible.


Top Tube Lemond Carbon Repair by Appleman

This Lemond frame and rider were hit by a car.  The top tube took a big hit.  After the repair, the top tube is stronger than the original frame.


Trek crack, Project 1 SSL, Appleman Carbon Repair

Trek SSL Project 1 had a damaged seat stay.  The owner is embracing the “battle scar” look!


Giant Top Tube Damage Repair

This poor Giant TCR had a run in with the propane tank of a gas grill.  The owner was very upset until she found out that it could be repaired for a reasonable price!


Appleman Repair No Paint Carbon Fiber

This Trek Madone’s chain damaged the chainstay.  The crankset will hide this repair!


Appleman Carbon fiber frame repair

A heavy impact damaged this Cannondale Synapse seat tube.  With the carbon repair, the tube is stronger than original!


Appleman carbon bike repair

The Orbea Orca top tube was damaged from a car rack that was overtightened.  A carbon patch + a quick buff gets the finish nearly new (sans blue paint).

Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!


  1. Gunnar Berg 11 months ago

    Crash. Heavy impact. Etc. That’s life. But wouldn’t an overtight rack just make you sick?

  2. Author
    Appleman Bicycles 11 months ago

    Unfortunate events such as a crash happen, but self induced damage is a real bummer. A torque wrench is your friend! Many carbon repairs I perform are due to overtightened front derailleur clamps.

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