Rob enjoyed the Appleman ordering processOrdering a frame is a fun and unique experience where the rider works directly with me (the framebuilder) to design a custom bicycle. Contact me!  Whether you have a list of questions, or aren’t sure where to start, I’ll get you up to speed on Appleman Bicycles.

  1. The Deposit: After your questions are answered and you want to make an Appleman your next bike, a non-refundable $1000 deposit is required to officially start the order process.  I appreciate cash or check, but PayPal is a welcome form of deposit payment.
  2. Fit Form: The Appleman Fit Form gives me insight into you, your riding style, and what you expect from your Appleman.  Completing this form provides me with the information I need to design your frame!
  3. The Design: Fit is the most important thing! After receiving the Appleman Fit Form, we’ll be in contact to discuss the form and answer any questions that it spurred. After we speak, I’ll crunch the numbers to design your bike, geometry, and tubes for your frame.
  4. The Approval: When the design is complete, I will send you an approval package.  This document contains every bit of information about your frame including the build specs, drawing of the frame, your component build, finish/paint specs, and invoice.  The design can be modified until we are both content with your sweet new custom frame!  After approving the design, complete bikes require a 50% deposit on components.
  5. The Build: Upon approval of the design, the fun starts for me and the anticipation begins for you! Tubes will be made and components will be sourced.  As the frame is being built, I’ll keep you up to date with pictures of the framebuilding process. When the frame is complete, it will be painted and assembled!  As soon as the remaining balance of the bike is paid off, I’ll ship the bike to you. Then it’s time to ride!


Appleman Fit FormPay $1000 Deposit via PayPal