Custom Carbon Fiber Frames


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Appleman Bicycles is a one-man shop that builds highly customized carbon fiber frames.  Frames are built by hand in Minneapolis, Minnesota with homegrown American materials.  I use my Composite Materials Engineering background to build bikes of incredible quality, strength, and durability.

-Matt Appleman

One Man Shop

The guy who answers the phone is the same guy who builds your frame.  It is extremely important to me to deliver excellent service and communication.  The end result is an amazing bike, with no surprises during the ordering process.

Custom Layups and Tubing

I engineer a custom tube set for each rider based on their height, weight, and riding style.  By modifying tubing diameter and layup schedule, stiffness is tailored to provide an excellent ride.  Full custom geometry is the norm.  I have very few limitations on what geometry and stiffness’ can be built.  Whether you’re 5’2 and 120 pounds or a 6’4 gorilla, I can build a bike from the ground up around you.

Unique Finish and Logos

Everything about my frames is strength and durability related; even the finish.  Appleman frames come finshed with a raw carbon finish (+UV protection).  Carbon is much harder than paint and the end result is a frame that has no paint to chip or scratch. With regard to logos, I’ve merged my creative side with my materials engineering side.  I build bikes with carbon, titanium, and wood logos for a unique, durable look.

The Bikes I Build

Custom Appleman Road Bike


Appleman Mountain Bike:Custom Carbon


Appleman Custom CX Bike