Eric’s CX Bike

Eric's CX Race Machine

customer/ Eric

bike/ Pro CX racing, gravel, road

finish/ Raw Carbon

logo/ Decal

Appleman Bicycles is proud support elite racer Eric Thompson in his quest for UCI points at national level CX races!  Designed and built to withstand Eric’s massive amount of power, handling and stiffness were the design priorities during this build.  Eric says that the stiff front end allows the bike to turn on rails and makes it very stable in sloppy conditions.  The absolute stiffness always hime to use all of his power to move forward and get to the next barrier.

Eric has piloted his Appleman to become 2013 MN State Champion and MN Cyclocross Rider of the Year in the elite field!  Nationally, Thompson has finished in the top 20 and top 10 in the pro ranks at UCI races.

Eric had another top podium spot this year at the Almanzo 100 gravel race.

Eric continues his winning ways into the 2014 road race season, chalking up 2 criterium wins on his Appleman.

CX Bikes win road races too!


All photos by Eric Thompson


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