Extreme Carbon Repair: Missing Bottom Bracket

Appleman Bicycles has the skills, know-how, and expertise to repair nearly any carbon fiber frame, even extreme carbon fiber frame repair!

A customer from the Philippines sent the picture below to see if Appleman Bicycles could repair a missing bottom bracket from the Cervelo R2.5.




Missing bottom bracket shell? The aluminum bottom bracket shell corroded and was removed and sent in for warranty inspection. 1-2 inches of the down tube, seat tube, and chainstays were completely removed! Corrosion, de-bonding, overall strength are all reasons why Appleman custom frames utilize full carbon fiber or titanium fused carbon bottom bracket shells. The frame had a lot of sentimental value to the customer and he wanted it repaired back to new

A full carbon fiber PressFit BB30 bottom bracket shell was fitted into the frame jig and the frames geometry was replicated. In the picture below, you can see how much of the tubes were missing and the amount of tubing that needed to be remade.





The original chainstays and down tube were oval shaped which required the fabrication of custom made tubing to reconnect the bottom bracket shell.  Our core lamination technique allowed for a low weight, high strength carbon repair as well as matching aesthetic.  The frame is as good as new!  Now it begins it’s long journey back to the Philippines.