Extreme Repair: Head Tube Replacement

Appleman Bicycles has the skills, know-how, and expertise to repair nearly any damaged carbon fiber frame, even extreme frame damage!

This mountain bike frame came to Appleman Bicycles after it lost the battle with a tree. Fortunately, the rider came out of the crash safely, but the frame had severe damage. In the original frame design, aluminum inserts were used to fit the headset into the frame. These inserts de-bonded from the carbon fiber head tube during the crash. Silver marker was used in the picture below to show contrast of the damage:




After the front half of the head tube was removed, the aluminum inserts fell right out of the head tube because the bond was broken during the crash.




As seen below, the damage to the head tube was extensive! The damaged carbon was removed and then the frame was mitered to accept a new head tube.




The finished product: A new full carbon head tube was mitered in the frame jig to maintain the correct head tube angle and length. A carbon fiber repair laminate joins the frame and new head tube. The frame is as strong as ever! Remember, to watch out for those trees.