Rich’s new Road Bike

Rich’s new Road Bike

Rich picked up his new Appleman road bike today!  Rich brought in a frame with severe damage after an accident.  Repairing the damage wasn’t a viable option (while very rare, there are a few frames I can’t fix).  The stars aligned and I had an Appleman from the demo fleet in his size!


This frame features stealthy carbon on carbon logos and custom tubing for a great ride feel!  It’s great to give this bike a permanent home knowing that it will be ridden quickly and often.


Rich and Appleman road bike

Rich picks up his new Appleman road bike

Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!

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  1. Rich 1 year ago

    Love it! Pumped to put it all together and roll some miles!! I will sen in the complete build-up photos and a report on my first ride and reviews, stay tuned—thanks Matt!

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