Rob’s Road Disc Build

Rob’s Road Disc Build

Every bike has to start somewhere.  My bikes start with the tubes.  Rob is an incredibly strong rider and wanted a bike as stiff as possible.  He’ll be racing crits in Austrailia so I designed a custom, extra (extra) stiff tube set for his road disc bike.


Robs road disc bike tubes

Appleman Front triangle mitered in jig

The front triangle tubes are mitered and installed into the jig.

Appleman micro fillet

Micro fillets of adhesive are applied to the joints while the frame is in the fixture.  This provides sufficient strength to maintain alignment and remove the frame from the fixture for additional fillet material.

Appleman style brake bridge

Wisely, Rob elected to go with an Appleman style asymmetrical brake bridge!

Rob's Road frame glued up

 The tubes come together and finally look like a bike!  Adhesive fillets around the joints will give carbon fiber a smooth transition from one tube to another.


Appleman bakes carbon fiber bike

Frame baking in the oven to harden the epoxy.


Rob Sanded Appleman Frame

All of the carbon fiber has been applied and the frame has been sanded. Next step: high gloss clear coat!


The first coat of clear coat on the Appleman

The first layer of high gloss clear coat is sprayed!



Matt Appleman is the owner and framebuilder of Appleman Bicycles!


  1. Rob 11 months ago

    Great to see the start of the magic. Those frame tubes look purposeful…

  2. Author
    Appleman Bicycles 11 months ago

    Every tube, every angle, and every layer are designed purposely… custom for you!

  3. rob 11 months ago

    Liking the asymmetric bridge a lot. Looks great with the narrow (relative to the chain-stay) seat stays…looking great Matt

  4. Rob 10 months ago

    Oh my…that looks great…

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