The 25mm Tire Advantage

The 25mm Tire Advantage

As the old Pontiac slogan says, “Wider is better”.


I swapped out my worn 23mm tires for some new 25mm tires. I’ve heard claims of lower rolling resistance, better cornering, and more comfort. Because of the increased air volume, I was able to decrease my pressure ~15psi when switching from 23 to 25mm tires.


Lower rolling resistance? While I can’t quantify rolling resistance out on the road, the 25mm tires definitely rolled noticeably smoother and gave a beautiful feeling ride.


Better Cornering? Yes. Again, better cornering is hard to quantify, but I could rip through corners smoother and with more confidence. The lower tire pressure + larger contact patch also allows for the rubber to absorb bumps in the road. Going over rough roads with high pressure tires can be dangerous because the tires will bounce on top of the road instead of following it. 25mm tires at lower pressure definitely absorb the small bumps in the road and keep the tire on the ground.


More comfortable? Comfort is something that I never compromise. Wider tires allow for lower air pressure that helps eat up road vibration. So that was an easy claim to approve.


The most notable change when switching from 23 to 25mm tires is that road buzz was virtually eliminated. The majority of my riding is done on roads resurfaced with small rock/pebbles. The 25mm tire was able to smooth out the vibrations from the textured road surface so that it felt like riding on smooth asphalt!


I highly recommend 25mm tires for everyday road riding and racing. Wider tires offer a great ride feel and more comfort and I’ll be specifying them on my upcoming road builds.


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