Thompson wins Almanzo 100 on Appleman

Thompson wins Almanzo 100 on Appleman

Eric Thompson rode his custom Appleman to a repeat victory at the 2014 Almanzo 100 gravel race!

The Almanzo 100 is the worlds largest free race and takes place in Spring Valley, MN on rolling country roads.   With 1400+ participants and 100 miles of gravel, it is a challenge just to finish the race!

Eric raced alongside respected pros from the Raleigh-Clement CX Team (Ben Berden, Craig Etheridge and Jamey Driscoll ).  After 100 miles of gravel, thousands of feet of climbing, and even some wild horses (see below), Eric took the win by only 10 seconds.  Almanzo is an incredible race!

Congratulations Eric!

Building gravel, cyclocross, adventure, whatchamacallit bikes are my favorite!  They are versatile and practical.  With one bike, you can go explore a hidden road, race CX, crush gravel, and hop in your favorite criterium.

Stay tuned for more race info to come!


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Video of the wild horses in the race


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